Welcome to Nora Duffy Photography

About the Photographer:

Welcome to my website! Let me introduce myself and  give you just a little background…..

I was born in Michigan, raised in Southern Illinois and made my home in Southeast Missouri.

My love of all things in nature and wildlife were passed down from my dad, who worked for and retired from the US Forest Service. He taught me respect for the forest and it’s inhabitants.

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic 104, that I acquired from my brother, at age 12. The first photograph I took with it was of my little English pea garden.

Being out in nature, whether its the mountains, a farm field, a roaring waterfall or just watching a bear forage for food are the images I capture.  I don’t consider photography a job, but as a great way to tell a story and the photos on this site are all a part of my life.

My husband Greg, is my biggest supporter, chauffeur, assistant and partner in adventure and without him I would not be able to yell “stop”, “turn around” ” pull over” and “let me out”, and he never fails.

Please browse the site and /or place an order. New photos will be added periodically.

I hope you enjoy my view of looking through glass!